SEO-targeted web copy

With the top five results from a Google search winning two thirds of the clicks, ranking high in organic search remains crucial for visibility. High-quality, human, readable content is the key: I'll write copy that gets Google's approval.

Content marketing

Give your audience something valuable and they’ll remember you. Useful, interesting or entertaining content that relates to your organisation can build interest in your brand and ultimately attract more customers. I can help. 

Articles and advertorial

My journalistic roots mean producing long-form editorial is a deeply ingrained skill. Commission me to write editorial contributions, placed articles and advertorial that spread your message.

Blog posts

Build a relationship with your audience by posting content they actually want to read, on topics that matter to them. Whether you need a one-off contribution or a regular series, I will research and write posts that capture your audience's interest.

Case studies

Every organisation has a story to tell about how its products or services make life better for its clients. Give your potential customers something they can relate to via benefits-focused case studies.

Press releases

The demise of the press release has been greatly exaggerated. Outlets haven't stopped covering stories relevant to their readership. If you have a news story worth telling, I can phrase it in a way that maximises its chance of being covered.


Putting together an important report, manuscript or other document? Don’t let silly mistakes let your copy down. I’ll check for inconsistencies and errors, sharpen the text and make recommendations to improve style and flow.


Getting your content checked by a sharp-eyed professional is always a good idea. If you just want to be certain your content is error-free and grammatically perfect, I can give you the assurance you’re looking for.


Whether verbatim or carefully edited to concisely express meaning, I can produce accurate transcriptions of interviews, focus group sessions and any other recorded speech.